Cloud.e brings real-world context to your customers phones using beacon technology

The Physical Web

The Physical Web™ is at the forefront of how to use beacons. It closes the gap between the real and digital worlds without the requirement for specific apps to be installed. This results in reaching and engaging users even without needing to develop your own app.

The Physical Web allows you to launch a proximity marketing campaign in minutes.


Native Apps

Our beacon solutions offer the ability to engage with your users based on their physical location and proximity to your physical spaces. Pushing notifications to users as they move through your space leads to an unprecedented level of engagement.

Custom apps developed to suit your unique needs leverage the power of beacon technology on iOS and Android.


Cloud.e app

The Cloud.e app (available soon for iOS and Android™) means you can leverage the power of beacon technology without the need to develop your own app. Deployment is simple and you are up and running in no time.

The Cloud.e app is used to deliver our innovative time and attendance tracking solutions.

Who We Have Worked With

Standard Bank

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