We value privacy, and it is therefore important that you have the right to understand when, where and how your privacy may be impacted by Cloud.e Beacon Solutions.

The Physical Web

Physical Web utilises a URL broadcast method which involves a bluetooth broadcast from each beacon.  A user's phone will gather this information without connecting to the beacon, which ensure the user is invisible to all beacons.  A user can’t be tracked simply by walking past a broadcasting beacon, keeping users silent passage untrackable.  Once the user does decide to click on a URL, they will be known to that website.  Engaging with the Physical Web is on your terms and once you have landed on a URL via the Physical Web, you should review that sites privacy statement to make sure you understand exactly what data you are sharing and how it will be used.

The search agent on the phone may keep track of which devices the user taps on so they can improve the ranking in the future. If this were to happen you would be in control of how this information is stored.

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Mobile applications

When we enable user engagement through any of our applications or applications we develop for third parties, this will only ever be after the user has given permission to do so. If the user no longer wishes to be engaged for any reason, an opt-out option is available.